Terminology Management

Terminology Management Challenges

Authoring content while consistently using the same terms to represent the same concepts can be challenging in your own language.

However, it’s even more difficult to translate your content into another language without compounding the problem and using even more terms. Before you know it, every department is writing content while using their own words to describe your products or services. Your translation company then is supposed to figure out that different words mean the same thing? That is why you need a cohesive terminology management plan and a partner with the experience to make it happen.

Terminology management refers to the process of developing and maintaining terminology, or key terms, that are specific to your content. Terminology management helps ensure that your documents are always authored and translated using the same terminology for a particular word or concept, ensuring high readability.

Terminology Management Solutions

Our in-house certified terminologists, of which only a handful exist in Canada, gather, classify and filter all existing bilingual material for cues on linguistic preferences and corporate vocabulary.

We also extract frequently used terms for reference purposes. Once a master glossary is created, we sort it by department and have it approved by the appropriate subject matter experts within your company.

These terms are always prioritized during translation and are used in the quality control process. Since terminology is typically responsible for half of the perceived errors, this greatly reduces the potential of getting these important words, or variables, wrong the first time around.

Since we specialize in very complex and technical documentation, it’s imperative that our database always contains the right phrases for accuracy. If you don’t have consistency, you can cause confusion for target readers, and it can cost you your professional reputation when you work with international clients, vendors and partners.

To ensure we always have your latest preferences, we give you access to secure online terminology portal. In addition, we use translation memories, which are essentially bilingual databases. They contain information about your previously translated sentences. Our translation tool then suggests the closest existing match, improving speed and quality, while reducing costs.


With a strong terminology management partner, you can expect several benefits such as improved information quality and readability.

Also, you can expect faster production and reduced costs in both authoring and translation. Since content is more consistent, you get fewer queries from translation efforts and customer support. With a secure online terminology portal, any employee or partner can reliability find terms and their accepted translation.

Here is an overview of the typical terminology management services we provide:

● Aligning the customer’s existing bilingual documentation
● Extracting / collecting relevant terms / terminology and definition
● Translating terms / terminology research of translated terms
● Managing translation memories and terminology databases
● Creating language-specific style guides

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