Translation and Localization

Translation and Localization Challenges

When reaching across global markets, it’s not only about translating from one language to another.

Localization also includes understanding dialects and terms that are specific to a region. Any mistake in translations can have a critical effect on your project. Whether it’s one document or thousands, we offer only the utmost quality and assurance so that your reputation among all partners, vendors and customers stays intact.

Organizations with high-end, complex content, must ensure it is localized for their target market. You can’t afford to lose your message due to language barriers. Technitrad can help you secure your message while translating critical documentation in numerous languages.

We understand that every project has its own unique procedures and requirements, so we ensure that our experts collaborate with your teams to ensure that we can integrate seamlessly into your current process. For this reason, we put a lot of importance and effort into listening to our clients’ individual needs.

Translation and Localization Solutions

Although translation can be quite objective, we have developed processes that will ensure your satisfaction.

We truly provide world-class translations that are completely accurate and as “natural sounding” as the original. We can achieve this with the help of our qualified staff and translators who have industry-specific expertise. We capture the meaning because we understand your content, your language, your industry and most importantly your corporate terminology.

The process begins with thorough research and validation of your industry terminology. Then we add your specific corporate terminology preference to a term base. A well-qualified mother-tongue translator leverages those linguistic assets, and translates your content. Comments and questions from the translators are relayed to the project manager for clarification. Translators review their work, confirm segments and deliver.

Someone other than the translator with appropriate competence in the source and target languages of your particular field performs a comparative review of terminology, register and style. The project is then proofread for grammar, syntax and spelling errors by an expert in the target language. This step ensures that your text is as error-free as possible and that the translated content is completely suitable for its agreed purpose.

All translations are then sent to your team for feedback and review. After your comments and feedback, we are then able to integrate revisions into your content. We have a portal that gives customers access to progress and current status so that documents can be reviewed as they are translated and uploaded to our system. Once translations are reviewed, we can ensure that they fit your formatting. Some content, such as brochures and manuals, must fit the intended layout. We take this requirement into consideration since translations can change the spacing of content within a design.


We understand your content, your language, your industry and most importantly your corporate terminology.

Here is an overview of the typical translation and localization services we provide:

● Checking overall editability, convertibility and completeness (fonts, graphic images, etc.)
● Translation while leveraging collaborative tools and language assets
● Editing using a comparative review of terminology, register and style
● Proofreading for grammar, syntax and spelling errors ensuring your text is fit for purpose
● Adaptation of layout and elements to reflect original, etc.

If you need the best translation and localization services for your content, contact us to ask us how we can help.