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How we make your life easier

Do you have a lot of continuously-evolving content, but no time to manage it?

We can integrate your content management system into our infrastructure so new or modified content is automatically added to a project. In order to track your stream of source material, our tools can monitor changes made to your content management system and determine when new content is required for translation. This integration eliminates the need for manual labor, thus greatly reducing costs and time to market.

Project Portal

With our online portal, you can easily track your requests, request a quote, track the status of orders, view and print invoices and much more. The online portal’s ability to log every aspect of your project makes it easy for you to ensure that your projects are at their expected status.

Terminology Portal

As a new customer, we create a personalized list of terms for you. Every time you entrust us with new documents to translate, we extract new key terms and add them to an online terminology portal. This tool allows you to access all your terminology and even modify it if needed.

Review Portal

We offer an online review tool that allows you to make changes to your translated document before the final delivery. Because changes are made in our tool, you can expect that your changes will be reflected in future translations, preventing you from having to make the same changes twice.

Content Connectors

If your company uses a content management system, with the help of our partners, we can provide a direct integration with our tools. This integration removes the need for manual labor, thus greatly reducing costs and time frames.

Translation Server

Our tools provide a collaborative environment for our translators, providing them with all reference materials as if they were working together in the same room, seeing each other’s monitors. The moment a translator writes a sentence or adds an expression to the term base, it becomes available for the others in the team in real time.

Translation Memories

We use translation memories, bilingual databases, that hold information about previously translated segments and their equivalents. Our translation tool then suggests the closest existing match to the translator, improving speed and quality while reducing costs. Should you have already existing translations and their equivalents, we can create translation memories out of those as well, saving you valuable time and money on future translations.

Technology Partners

Our technology partners help us bring you the best of technology available today

They help us give you better visibility in the process, better financial reporting and better savings from reused translations.


With offices in Kraków, XTRF is a cloud-based end-to-end translation management system, helping us manage and automate our translation and localization workflows.


Kilgray Translation Technologies is a rapidly growing provider of computer-assisted human translation solutions, with a highly enthusiastic and knowledgeable user community and a strong focus on support, integration and training. Kilgray’s technologies combine statistical and rule-based natural language processing methods.

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