eLearning Translation Services

eLearning Challenges

Education is more accessible than ever before via eLearning platforms.

The Internet gives you several options for learning any number of topics, and eLearning courses are just one way subjects can be taught. eLearning courses can be reading material or videos that show an instructor teaching a subject.

Most firms have already spent resources developing eLearning content to improve the knowledge of their employees, collaborators or clients, such as understanding your workflow or productivity processes If you do have any experience building these courses, you know all too well the countless hours required for the design and creation of these types of training.

It must deliver targeted, relevant instruction. Without a good translation, however, you could be leaving customer opportunities behind and losing revenue. Investing in translation can boost your product visibility internationally when you cater to different languages and dialects. Your instruction in video content doesn’t need to be spoken in the target language. Instead, Technitrad can translate the instructor’s content into subtitles that can be used based on user preferences in video software.

Content Solutions

Our expertise includes:

Content Types

Computer and web-based training
Mobile learning
Instructor led training
Blended learning
Learning management systems (LMS)
On-screen Text Translation
Script Translation
Audio Voiceovers
Subtitling Services

File formats

Dubbing & subtitles
Flash & Articulate
Lectora & Captivate
Compiling & publishing
Linguistic & Functional testing
Articulate Storyline

Formatting, typesetting and QA testing in source format

We can also translate content for desktop tutorials such as software that runs on a local IoT device or desktop. It isn’t enough to just machine-generate translation content. The translation is often poorly constructed, and it means your target viewer will not be able to decipher your message.


At Technitrad, our professionals are fully experienced in translations, but more importantly, experts in your target language.

In addition to expert linguists, we have specialists in desktop publishing and typesetting, and voiceover talents. We have years of experience localizing complex eLearning projects. In any complex translation, it isn’t a matter of translating one word for another. Many target languages have different cultural understandings of phrases and terms. Your message can be lost with poor translations. We ensure that your translation is done by someone who understands your target market, so your e-learning course can be fully understood by students, customers, vendors or just casual browsers.

We make it easy to incorporate translated materials into your currently published material and even published information that you plan to release on future website pages. No matter how the eLearning material is authored or which platform is used, Technitrad is able to translate your material for different audiences and languages.

Contact us to find out how we can improve your e-learning readership and translate your materials to a global audience.