Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Multilingual DTP Challenges

Publishing for an international audience can quickly become an overwhelming challenge.

Your content must fit into a template, which works perfectly as you design a layout in your source language. However, when you decide to translate this content into a different language, you might find that your template it no longer well suited or doesn’t fit with the new text length of the target language.

Since multilingual desktop publishing requires a keen eye for design as well as the ability to translate effectively, you need a team that can work directly with the type of file format you are most familiar. Working on both major platforms, our team is fully equipped with a wide collection of multilingual fonts and desktop publishing and graphics software.

We can regenerate your original desktop publishing documents without affecting the layout or fonts. Sometimes, additional desktop publishing work is necessary to adapt your graphics and overall design because of text expansion or contraction resulting from translated text that is either longer or shorter than the original text.

Our translators are fully aware of the challenges presented by desktop publishing. They often adapt the length of specific titles or sentences to best fit into your template. Our desktop publishing designers come in after to provide a final layout adjustment to make it feel like it was designed for the target language. We can help you whatever your means of publishing, online or print.

Multilingual DTP Solutions

Much of desktop publishing is for marketing and content purposes, but we do a number of translations for other content management as well.

We have translation services for brochures, catalogs, newsletters, and general content. All of this material requires the ability to translate content to your target language without losing the aesthetic layout for your marketing template.

Our specialties involve the ability to translate complex technical content. Our main fields of expertise include engineering, construction, transportation, energy, industrial and technology. We have several tools that help our translators accurately translate content in order to keep it consistent throughout the entire project. When working with complex content for translation, certain phrases and technical terms can be difficult to determine, even for a professional. With our system, translators have a full glossary of terms that help them translate complex content, minimizing potential inconsistencies.

We also have a secure cloud system that facilitates collaboration and communication between your team and ours. Our tools enable all teams to communicate frequently even if they are located in different regions across the globe. We upload content to the cloud dashboard and wait for your feedback. Before any layout work is started, we proofread every document that is translated, then send it back to your team for review, so you are assured of getting only the highest quality content and while performing layout work only once.


Whether it’s brochures, print advertising or online content, we will translate your marketing material with only the highest quality.

Our success is your success, so we always strive to communicate your ideas as seamlessly as possible.

Here is an overview of the typical multilingual desktop publishing services we provide:

● Estimating desktop publishing work required when translation is complete
● Adapting/post-editing the layout in the appropriate desktop publishing application
● Re-generating the table of contents, index, cross-references, page numbers, etc.
● Applying the appropriate Glyphs, characters and text direction.
● Producing print or interactive PDFs based on client specifications.

If you need clear, quality translations and would like to work with professionals, contact us and we can take you through the on-boarding process.