Construction Translation Services

Accurate Translations for a Complex Industry

We Build Precise Translations from Your Construction Documents

Construction is a high-stakes industry, as it takes great ideas and brings them to life. When performing projects with multicultural and geographically dispersed teams, construction projects rely heavily on good communication. All team members must have access to instructions in their native language in order to facilitate communication and execute precise instructions.

It’s critical that all components of your communication be accurately translated. Incorrect or imprecise translations can introduce deep-seated errors that are difficult to resolve if they go unnoticed and get embedded into your procedures. You need to ensure that documentation is accurate right down to every value, phrase, code and drawing.

What also makes construction documentation difficult to manage is the sheer amounts of it. It’s important that translations reflect your intended message from the beginning of the project to the end, as communication accumulates. Construction is the culmination of several months (even years) of collaboration amongst architects, engineers, project managers, construction crews and government administrators.

As your team faces these challenges, accurate construction translation services become indispensable. You need a robust translation service that is as detailed and precise as the original documentation. A company that is perfectly tuned into to the needs of your business and familiar with terminology specific to the construction industry.

Content Solutions

Technitrad’s professionals are fully committed and have a robust understanding of the construction sector.

Our experience working with the world’s largest construction firms makes us uniquely qualified to provide professional construction translation services. We also ensure that each dialect and region is accounted for as we review and work with your staff to localize your documentation.

Our construction translation services cover all types of construction content and communication including:

Bid documentation
National Master Specifications
Construction plans
Construction specifications
Health and safety courses

BIM courses
Bill of materials
Construction proposals
Supplier contracts
Safety manuals

We can also work with your marketing brochures and material for customers and peer professionals alike. Every uniquely themed article and document is proofread and given the attention that a professional translation deserves.


No level of content is ever too complex for our professionals.

Before we start any new project, we work together with you to create a customized database of terms and phrases specific to your company and context, which we then use as reference to ensure consistency throughout your entire project, as well as all future projects.

We offer the highest standard of professionalism and confidentiality, effective communication in any language and specialized construction terminology experience. For all the above mentioned reasons, it easy to see why we are the premier choice for construction translation services by international construction firms throughout the world. We are your ideal partner for translation of content for the construction industry.

Contact us for a translation quote, and discover how Technitrad can simplify your translation process.