Technology Translation Services

Accurate Translations for a Complex Industry

Business-Driven Content for an Evolving Technology Industry

Technology is a fluid and rapidly growing industry that facilities the interaction with other peoples and cultures. As a result, there are tremendous market pressures to bring technology products to market quickly. The speed of publishing into your customer’s native language will thus often greatly impact your product’s success. In addition, you must deal with a wide range of documentation, file formats and content types.

To achieve global success and reach foreign markets, you must therefore be able to depend on a competent and reliable partner. One that is specialised in offering accurate technology translation services to market leaders and understands that correct terminology and context are crucial.

Another important challenge you must consider is having your application or content built with localization in mind. Whether it’s a dashboard or an application interface, you need content that must be compatible with your UI and UX. You need a solution that you can incorporate your content creators, interface designers, and coders with a robust translation offering. One that gives you precise translations across all platforms including web, mobile, IoT, and APIs.

Content Solutions

Technitrad provides technology translation services to leading technology firms such as telecommunications, software, hardware, mobile devices and consumer electronics companies.

We work closely with your development teams and have extensive experience in technology related translation.

You get only the most professional, precise technology translation which can confidently be shared to all of your customers. We translate and proof each document because quality and accuracy is of utmost importance. We support all of the major platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Mobile hybrids as well as Web based and Desktop-based applications.

Our technology translation services include the following niche products:

Android apps
Windows Phone apps
iOS apps
BlackBerry OS
Mobile hybrid apps

Online help compilation
Web-based applications
User manuals
Product guides
Software packaging


No level of content is ever too complex for our professionals.

We support a very wide array of file formats, including .xml, properties, .json, .net, .resx, .html, .po, .strings. We also support a variety of other solutions that fit into your software applications and technology projects. We create a database of terms and phrases that can be reused throughout your project, so every translation is consistent throughout your entire organization and product workflow.

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