Globalization Consulting

Globalization Consulting Challenges

For domestic organizations, the idea of going international comes with its own set of challenges.

Different cultures present distinct legal and regional issues. Without proper planning, costs can quickly get out of hand. A highly competent translation service can help you with all that. It ensures that your message is captured from one language to the next and conveys your professionalism to other cultures. It can also help you plan and navigate the different cultural sensitivities of other target audiences.

Globalization Consulting Solutions

We can assist you in your quest to succeed globally.

Before you begin working with our translation teams, we analyze your unique project requirements. After reviewing your globalization objectives, we can perform an in-depth evaluation that covers everything from existing language assets, where and how content is stored, to the roles and processes that regulate them.

Our globalization experts then construct a detailed report that describes our conclusions and itemizes our recommendations. We lay out suggestions for you to ensure that the translation process fits seamlessly within your current project productivity procedures. This step is important so that we can identify exactly what you need and pair you with the appropriate translators for your globalization project. This plan can become a blueprint for the successful achievement of your project’s multilingual objectives.

These recommendations may include designing, developing and formulating a product from the onset that facilitates localization. Since you plan on sharing your content in multiple languages, it only makes sense to prepare it in a way that optimizes and facilitates the subsequent translation and localization process in target languages. This step is called internationalization and represents all the preparation tasks required. The purpose of internationalization is to make localization easier, faster, higher quality and more cost-effective.


You might benefit from introducing structure authoring methods and tools to reuse content.

Perhaps a creating a mapping, or visual guideline of an efficient localized process can streamline your project. In many cases, optimizing the workflow by introducing and developing a mature localization workflow can lead to successful globalization.

Here is an overview of the typical globalization consulting services we provide:

● Introduction to structured authoring methods and tools to reuse and re-purpose content
● Language issues such as encoding, numeral systems, capitalization and plural forms
● Cultural issues such as comprehensibility, appropriateness, currencies, measurements
● Coding practices such as centralizing text strings in resource files
● Embedding internationalization in your authoring process

If you need the best globalization efforts for your documentation, contact us to ask us how we can help.