Technical Translation Services

Technical Communication Challenges

Technical communications and publications are crucial for understanding complex scientific and technological information.

The purpose of this content is to conceptualize and simplify knowledge into practical instructions and diagrams.This type of content requires what is referred to as technical translation services, because of the nature of these documents. However, technical translations also applies to the translation of many kinds of specialized texts. These texts require a high level of subject knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology.

It is often preferable for highly complex technical documents and technical manuals to be written by technical writers and subject matter experts. In the same manner, not just anyone can translate technical communications and documents. It requires a technical translator who has an excellent understanding of the subject matter, and is also knowledgeable in its specialized terms.

With this type of documentation, you’re usually communicating with industry leaders and experts. It’s imperative that your translations properly reflect your knowledge of industry standards and technical terms. The way you communicate technical terminology to your partners plays a major role in how you are perceived as a professional. Just one faulty translation can ruin your reputation as well as your client’s reputation.

At Technitrad, we specialize in complex technical communications that require the best professionals. These communications are typically for companies from engineering, construction, transportation, energy, industrial and technology industries.

Content Solutions

Typical materials requiring technical translation services include:

Content Types

Instruction Manuals
Operation Manuals
User Guides
Online Help
Product Guides
White Papers
Data sheets

File formats

Adobe Framemaker™ (.mif)
Adobe RoboHelp packages (.xpj, .mpj)
MadCap Flare packages (.flprj)
MadCap Lingo bilingual files (.xlf)
MS Help™ Workshop (.hhc, .hhk)
Autodesk AutoCAD Drawings (.dwg, .dxf)


We have the expertise to pinpoint exactly what requires translation, leave everything else intact and return your content ready for use.

Most technical publications are written in XML-based formats, which provide the ability to reuse topics and style sheets, as well as accommodate text expansion while minimizing costs when publishing into multiple formats.

Translations should never slow down your project productivity. Instead, we incorporate a workflow that is easy to work with and gives your team the ability to review work quickly and give us feedback as every document is created and published. Our goal is to make translation a simple, seamless process.

Contact us to find out how our technical document translation services can adapt your complex content accurately in any language.