Industrial Translation Services

Accurate Translations for a Complex Industry

Easier Translation for Your Industrial Organization

Industrial companies are expanding more and more into international markets. Specific raw materials may originate from one country, while others are sourced from other countries and assembled in yet another. Communication between cultures is thus increasingly vital as the process of converting raw materials into finished products fosters globalization.

Whether your organization contributes to agriculture, chemical systems, manufacturing or automation, you need accurate translations that you can use to distribute materials to various regions internationally. Every region has its own language and even within these regions are specific dialects that must be understood. Technitrad understands the complexity of your business and the importance of translations that support different languages and dialects.

What’s most difficult for industrial organizations is the vast amount of documentation, training materials, legal contracts, brochures and vendor information that involves communication amongst all parties. Industrial organizations are often international, spread across multiple countries, locations and languages. You need translators who understand the business as well as the target language required for the distribution of these materials.

Content Solutions

Most industrial and manufacturing content is data driven and complex.

You may have merchandising, tools, mechanical drawings and other equipment schematics that you need translated with accurate detail. Just one mistake can affect your entire project. Even the smallest error in numeric translations can make a huge difference in a project’s success. At Technitrad, we ensure that your industry-specific terminology is always accurately translated for every language pair.

Even more important are schematics and CAD drawings that are often used with large-scale projects. You need someone who can not only understand these complex instructions but can also translate them into other languages without any inaccuracies. It’s critical for any industrial project that the person analyzing and translating your documents understands your procedures. Technitrad’s professionals have experience working with highly technical translations and have numerous specialized tools at their disposal.

Our professional translation services include (but are not limited to) the following documentation:

Purchase or lease agreements
Material Safety Data Sheets
Product Labeling, Packaging and Catalogs
Site Surveys

User and Operating Instructions
Patents and Patent Applications
Safety instructions
Service, Maintenance and Policy Manuals

After we analyze your project, we prepare administrative components and keep you up-to-date on progress. We have a translation management system that you and your team can use to review status and milestones as the project progresses.


Technitrad has a unique and established linguistic database that helps us translate complex terminology.

It also helps us flag any potential problems so that we can fix any issues such as clarity in translations. All of our professionals follow a specific set of guidelines. No matter which professional resource works on your project, you’ll always get the utmost quality throughout the entire process. We proofread all of our content before it’s delivered to you, and our procedures are based on quality, not quantity.

If you need a team of professionals to ensure your quality with every translation, contact us to find out how we can take your standard documentation and translate it to an international audience.