Energy Translation Services

Accurate Translations for a Complex Industry

Exact Translations for Renewable and Emerging Energy

The energy industry is always evolving. It has highly complex technical jargon and references. You need a translation service that keeps up with emerging trends and new terminology to ensure your international success.

The energy sector is an area of growing international demand. Energy consumption is rising along with cost of resources. Whether you’re distributing energy or generating it, your documents are important for both your consumers and vendors. There is a constant need for energy companies to communicate consistently and accurately.

Every form, calculation, contract and distributed material must be translated accurately to ensure your message is communicated properly. Even more critical are special reports and forms that every energy organization must submit to government entities be it locally, nationally or internationally.

This paperwork can be tedious, and you can have several pages for just one form or contract. To cover your legal obligations, all of these forms must be translated accurately. Your customers must be able to read and understand all contracts and obligations that they sign. Without proper translations, you could communicate the wrong message.

Content Solutions

Whether your form of energy is gas, nuclear power or renewable sources, every component of your documentation is critical to your success.

Absolute clarity is key. At Technitrad, our professionals are experts in translation, and we ensure that complex terminology is understood and translated across numerous languages and dialects. We provide professional and reliable energy translation service for your energy translation projects.

Our energy translation services include the following documentation:

Feasibility studies
Engineering reports
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Technical specifications
Process information

Metering manuals and order forms
Metering order forms
Health and safety documents
Contractor training manuals

Before any project starts, your documents must first be analyzed so that our translation professionals understands your goals. Technitrad’s team is comprised of only the best translation experts. We also have a database of terms and phrases that match up with specific industry codes to keep all translations accurate and consistent.

Considering all these content related challenges, it’s important for energy organizations to integrate translations smoothly into current project management. Technitrad knows that every organization has its own project management and document processing procedures. We work hard to analyze your current needs and work with you to set up the perfect translation process that seamlessly fits with your team.


We want to make the translation process as seamless as possible and analyze every component of your project.

We have several tools that we use in the process that help eliminate ambiguities and help us establish a consistent translation service that meets your needs and helps make your project a success. You need a team that can work with you to ensure your partners, vendors and customers can fully understand your message.

Contact Technitrad and find out how we can make your document translations easier to manage and support.