Guide for reviewing translations
using memoQ WebTrans

Logging in

Please navigate to the following link

Once the site has loaded, please enter the credentials provided by your account manager.

My tasks

Once you log in, you see a list of projects and documents assigned to you on the document list. Next to each and every document, you see a pen icon.


Click on this icon to open the document for translation. The document opens either in another tab or a new browser window.

Reviewing a document

In the review editor you can see a review grid with the segments to be reviewed. In the upper section, you see the source and target language of the document as well as your login name and your user role for this document. Next to your login name and role, you see the document name you are currently working on.

Please review every segment one after the other. Once you have completed a document, please click deliver in the top right corner.


Translation memory matches

On the right, your will see red and blue results. Red results are sentences contained in the translation memory that correspond best to the source segment selected. The percentage represents the degree of similarity.

Term base matches

If there is a blue result, it is a term coming from the term base. The WebTrans interface has found this term in the source segment and that term should be used in the target of your translation.

Concordance search

If you are looking for the translation of a specific expression, highlight the expression and press Ctrl + K. This opens up the concordance window which allows you to search in the translation memories.

Confirming a segment

Review your translation in the target text cell, and once the segment is reviewed, press Ctrl + Enter. This will take you to the next segment, and turn the segment into a confirmed segment, represented with a check mark.

Moving to the next page

Once you finish the page, use the mouse to page the screen using the arrows next to the Jump to button. You can also go to the next page by pressing the cursor down button at the end of the last segment of the page. Similarly, you can go to the previous page by pressing the up button at the beginning of the first segment of the page.


Once you have completed the review, please click ensure you have clicked deliver for all files, either on the top right when the document is loaded, or in the my task window where you see an envelope.